A Bunch More Wonderful People


Dr. Clark Perry, sport psychologist for the Australian Institute of Sport
and his son Ryan in their Canberra Kitchen

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Clark and Joanie's other son, Tyler. He knows how to use that remote,
and he has an "I-love-you-and-I know-you-love-me smile"

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The thoroughly captivating Dr. Stacie Spencer and the spunk-rat
(Australian expression) Dr. Frank Perna with Three River Stadium
in the background, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Frank and I with the Pittsburgh skyline in the background

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The alluring Dr. Stacie Spencer at the University of Pittsburgh

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Master Rana (aka Frogo, aka Dr. Mark McCourt) and I in
San Francisco (see the bridge?). He was my college roomie 27 years
ago. The Buddhism versus Nietzsche arguments were, in retrospect, hilarious.

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My favouritest and bestest cousin Phyllis with
hubby Danny (golf junkie) in Mesquite, Texas

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Dr. Vance Tammen in a hula skirt, What can I say? He looks fabulous!

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Here's the whole Tammen crew: Suzanne, Vance, and Yarra Izabella.
They named Yarra after the river that runs through Melbourne.
So I just call her "Muddy Waters."

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Tony Morris, looking very Western for Halloween.
Sort of a pommy version of Clint Eastwood.

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Mother of my Godson, Seth, the devastatingly beautiful Dr. Mary Sanders
(Seth got his Mom's looks) and my sister Sal skiing in Northern California

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The most Divine Ms. M and me on our way to Mozart's "Don Giovanni."

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Oops! What's he doing here? probably a cerebral buddy in a future life.

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Shay in Europe, my friend from North Carolina.

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Rollerblading buddies: Lynn Widmeyer and the Speedster
(who was having a bad hair decade).

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Stephanie Habif on Acland Street.

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Your Mom said you had to come home. Calvin leads you there.